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Andrea & Cornel Bucur

In the year 2000 Children's World Embassy began to build Bethany House in a small village just outside the Romanian city of Targu Mures'. Bethany House quickly became a favorite with many and it was filled with children of abandoned and orphaned status in Romania.

One of the characteristics of this house that we are very proud of is that fact that there are two families we were able to keep together. One family consists of 2 twin brothers and another family of 4 siblings that were scheduled to be split up to 4 different homes by Child Protection. But CWE friends Sara and Gary Bryant of Missouri didn't want that to happen and for a number of years they paid others to keep the children together. Now, we are privileged to keep all four children together at Bethany House. We are proud to introduce the lovely children at Bethany House.You can help by sponsoring one of these lovely children for just $250 per month.

Children with the symbol      are full sponsored and children with the symbol       are partially sponsored

the pictures of the above individuals were taken with permission and represent children's world embassy.  children's world embassy is a california non-profit corporation recognized by irs as a tax exempt charitable organization. all donations are tax deductible

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