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YOUTH CAMP: Youth camp is a must for the children during this month as "get away time" to pray, meditate and learn at the one and only Beles'/Fantinery campground high in the Carpathian Mountains.


SCHOOL BEGINS: School starts again and it is time for the children to buy clothes, school supplies and such. Please help us with this urgent need as we have to supply all this for 22 children...NOW.


HOLIDAYS: Yes, that's right...the holidays are upon us and it is a special time for the children.

Thanksgiving:  Since the beginning of Dove House the children have observed this same wonderful holiday we do in America. It is a special time of food, sharing and thanksgiving. It will cost about $500 for such a special day. Please consider how you can help bring/share Thanks.


Revival time in Romania. Pray for the harvest for the fields are ripe. This time of year is best served as revival time in the churches and villages. Men often get jobs outside the country or in other cities and are gone much of the year. But in the winter it is hard to find work, so they can come to church and to revival. Pray for the families and for the men of the families that Jesus will comfort them and they will become leaders in the nation.

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Time clock found on "The Black Church" ~ Brasav' Romania

Time: We  are all given the same amount of it every day, yet some produce more within it's restrictions than others are able to. The truth is, at the end of each day, each of us worked in the same boundaries, the same constraints and the same limitations...but most of us with less results than others.

We at Children's World Embassy want to recognize every individual that gives in every way for the benefit of the hurting and hungry all over the world, and we say God bless you for your efforts, both large and small. Don't give up because someone else seems to produce and may be able to give more than you can. But time...we all can use our time more effectively...more efficiently.

We also recognize that, everyone of us, have time to do something positive in our communities, if we simply will use time well. Your community may be your church, the street you live on or a local homeless shelter. You can make an amazing difference in someones life today with good use of your time.

On this page we want to place a calendar of events and for raising funds for the work in countries we help in. We will place our events on this calendar so you will know what and when a Children's World Embassy or Dove Foundation of Romania event will take place. If you have an event for us to help raise awareness of to raise funds for one of our partner ministries, then let us know and we will share it with everyone.Remember, time is important and it is on your side.

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