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Children's World Embassy was founded in 1991 and is an organization of a few people who want to make a big difference in a hurting child's life. We do not have an office in a penthouse suite, nor do we have interest in building our own kingdom on earth. What we do have are big hearts to do something, even if it is small...but if given the opportunity, we will do something big for the naked, the thirsty and the hungry. We will go where we can to help and do what we can to make life better for the less fortunate than ourselves.

Some individuals and corporations can donate much, others some...but most can donate something. Whether it is $5 or $5 million, your gift could unlock the future of someone who is praying for a simple slice of bread for a meal or support for a child's life. Can you imagine giving someone a loaf of bread and then sharing the Bread of Life with them? You can be the answer to their prayer today and help unlock their future with a generous donation. Below you will find ways to send your donation today and begin to change someone's future. Thank you and God bless you.


Formerly Zash Cash, use this wonderful and simple bank to bank service to do electronic transfer for your donation. We are both emailed when the transfer takes place and when it is complete. There is a small fee from for the service (at the time of this posting it was fifty cents / $.50 for donations up to $250). Just click the button provided that says "Go Pop Now" and it goes to If you have not registered with them already then complete a login information and they will let you know what to do from then on.

USPS Mail:

The United States Postal Service mail (also known as "snail mail") is reliable and the choice of many who do not yet fully trust online services. It may be a little slower but it is safe and sure. Let us know your email and / or physical address and we will send newsletters and receipts of each donation and end of year total. Simply click the button above that says "Info Here" and copy our contact information to an envelope, place a stamp on it and send to us. Oh...and don't forget the check inside (smiles).


You can send funds from your bank or credit card through PayPal to us. You must go to PayPal and create a login, then simply "SEND MONEY" to and explain the direction for the funds you intend. If no exact direction is given we will place your donation in our general account for highest need and best use. Your donation will go to a CWE bank account and you will be properly receipted. Proof of your donation can also be tracked and printed out through PayPal for your convenience. PLease know, no one receives any funds from your donation except for the children and staff at the national location of your gift. Even our general account donations will be treated the same way.

How You Can Give 

Find out here how you can safely give...

Thank you for your continued support

Each of your donations are tax deductible

Children's World Embassy is a California Not For Profit Corporation recognized by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) as a CHARITY ORGANIZATION. A minimal amount of your gift donation may be used for administrative office reasons. We have needed in the past for ministry purposes even though no wages are received by any board member or staff of this organization and all work by this corporation is volunteer only.