SUMMER CAMP =            $2,000

NOW IS THE TIME...we need your help today.

Maybe you can help with one, if not both, of these projects. For us, these things are not in our regular budget to provide. So, please help if possible.

NOTE: Our bank does charge us $50 to send the funds each time.

We also will need to buy a new vehicle for transportation of children and for group trips. That will cost us $12,000.

TODAY IS THE TIME TO ACT: We need you now, so please respond now, so we can continue our tomorrow.

Each year a summer camp is provided for the children:

Every year Paul and Cami take the children to camp in a lovely mountain top camp ground by Cluj-Napoca. It is there they play games and learn new things about the Bible and get to open up and talk about their lives.  Taking the children there and feeding them is not free. It will cost about $2,000 to do this so if you can help us, please do so very soon. Helping a young life develop properly takes time, patience and funding. These kids, once abandoned, are now well on their way to being good citizens of their country because you helped make it happen

We have found a real need to supply our speakers with wireless headset microphones so they do not have to hold a tethered microphone for an hour or more. This will provide flexibility and hand freedom while speaking.

If you can help us with this purchase please do so and specify the need on your donation. Thank you

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When we make a profit, everyone wins. We will be able to keep the doors of Dove House and Bethany House open for the children we love and who Paul and Cami have poured out their lives for. If you can help us get started then please contact Dennis or Paul from our contact page on this site about what it will take...together we will do good for His Kingdom.
For years there has been a constant financial need for the ministry in Romania. To tell the truth, we are tapped out most times to pay for it all. We do believe there is an answer though. We presently have an opportunity to "invest in the future". Right now we can open a used clothing store in a major city in Romania. By doing so we can hire our own children that have graduated from our homes and give them a future as we pay for our own present.

Believe it or not there are a lot of people who think we have a lot of money and do not need any more. This is the furthest from the truth. We need every support $ we can find. We are not a government supported organization and we exist 100% on donations.  We do want to thank you for your support as we continue on to make our orphaned children's homes the best in Romania.


Wireless headset microphone =  $438