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Support a church or pastor:

Since the fall of communism there has been revival in Romania. Revival has been especially relevant among the Gypsy people. Though Rev. Crisan is not Gypsy himself, he has been very instrumental in that revival to evangelize and organize the Gypsy churches that have begun. From simply entering into a village and preaching the gospel of Christ on the street or in packed soccer fields, lives were changed as people came to Jesus, baptized and churches began. Today, there are over 750 churches to the Gypsy people. One representative from Romania's Parliament introduced Rev. Crisan in a meeting as "a person who has changed the nation".

When a church is built a program begins also. That program is 'Church For All and School for Children'. Each church becomes a school in the daytime for children with after school programs. In the evenings school for adults is held and on Many of the churches offer showers and health facilities also.

Now, a Bible school needs to begin so that the pastors can be properly instructed and the organization can be solidified.

The economic situation of the country is still steeped in deep depression and it is difficult to support a pastor or build a church. Perhaps you can help do that in whole or in part. Here's how;  

  • Help support Rev. Paul Crisan and his wife Cami each month as their needs include a vehicle to travel to villages to preach the gospel and feed the very poor and hungry.
  • Sponsor a national pastors conference for just $8,500

The children in both houses are mostly grown now. They have a loving relationship with each other, and now, they have  a future where they would certainly have been destined to a life of difficulty and disadvantage. There is one thing that must take place soon...with 24 children in Dove House and Bethany House there must be an increase of income to help support the children each month. You (or a group you can organize) can support a child today for just $250 a month. You can help support a child with school supplies and school clothes each September for only $100. Remember also, each child has a birthday once a year and...who can forget a child at Christmas? You can become a support in part or complete support and you will be richly rewarded in heart and soul.

Feed and clothe those in need:

Over 4 million Gypsy people live in Romania. With little to no work for them, often entire villages go hungry. Each time we go there it seems a new village is found hungry, and the level of hunger is incredible. We rely on pastors of the area to show us where, and to whom to take the food and supplies. On one trip we met a family that had nothing to eat for 3 days and that day all we had to give them was bread and butter.

You can help Rev. Crisan feed and clothe these people in need with a generous donation today. Look at some of the pictures here to see the level of poverty being lived in. Many have no heat and little covering, with snow on the ground all winter. Feed a family for a month for $100 and help clothe a child for another $100. You will be blessed if you do.

You may want to say "you can not feed or clothe an entire nation", and I would agree. But, with your help we can feed and clothe one hungry soul...or one family, one at a time.

Sponsor a child for only $250 a month:

When communism fell in late 1989 there were an estimated 300,000 homeless and abandoned children in Romania and some estimate up to 1,000,000 children. Conditions in government run facilities was horrid and depressive. Soon hospitals filled with thousands of infants because their families could no longer afford to feed and keep them. Children found it better to live in the streets and beg for their survival than to live in the government facilities where 400 and 500 hundred children were cramped into space designed to house 100 and where abuse and bullying was very bad.

Rev. Paul Crisan prayed for a home where children would have a mom and dad and would see each other as brothers and sisters. He knew it would be expensive. He expected it to be a huge commitment. Then one day in 2000 in a small village named Sangiorgiu de Padure in Mures' County Romania a home was dedicated to children by a couple that had passed away. The home was given to Rev. Crisan. He then walked down the street to a local hospital where 5 abandoned children were being kept. With cooperation of Child Protection soon the children had a home and a vision was born. The vision was to become Dove Foundation of Romania. For a few years other children were added to the family. A year later a second house was built by CWE just outside of Targu Mures' Romania and, through Dove Foundation, children were placed there also.

How You Can Help

Sponsor a child ~ Feed the hungry ~ Clothe those without

Build a Church ~ Sponsor a Pastor ~ Help a Missionary

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  • Sponsor a pastors Bible school education for just $250 per year

  • Sponsor a pastor for $100 a month
  • ​Sponsor to build a church for $125,000
  • Feed a hungry family for $100