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We have numerous ways you can volunteer

Youth Camp:

Each summer and each winter the children are out of school and it is good for them to experience camp. High in the Carpathian Mountains is a camp ground in a small village called Belis'. This camp ground is ideal for the orphan children to come and play games, sing and have Bible studies. You can plan a camp by participating with another group or organize your own camp with games, challenging and creative crafts, camp singing and Bible lessons. Contact us for more information and planning.

Summer Lessons:

When the children are out of school they need activities and challenging work. This is a perfect time for motivation to do good works and lessons for kids. You or your group may plan to bring lessons and planned skits for personal interaction, or maybe special lessons for acting and musicals. There is an incredible need for youth and action in youth today and especially to an age group hungry for interaction like this.

Construction needs:

Every year there seems to be more and more work to do on the orphan homes, whether it is ordered by the government or repairs to do from normal wear and tear. If you are a skilled worker or professional this is the perfect way to be involved. Bring your hammer and tools and come fix something for us. You will be given helpers if needed/wanted

Christmas for Children:

Christmas is special all over the world and it is no different in Romania. Everyone loves to receive and share gifts with loved ones at Christmas time. Can you imagine...not receiving anything because you are an orphan child with no one to love and share with at Christmas time? Neither can we. You can bring gifts (or raise funds for gifts) and come see a child's face light up knowing there's a gift for them under the tree and see them bake cookies and prepare a special table meal. You and your group can make a huge difference in a childhood of memories.

Help in Orphanages:

Do you love children? Plan a week or two, or an entire summer, to help in one of our orphan homes. Raise your own funds and be a part of a child's life that he/she and you will never forget.

Feed the Hungry:

If your heart is to feed the hungry then we invite you to raise funds to buy food for those in great need and come work with us to feed those without and who are seriously hurting. A loaf of bread or a morsel of meat may make the difference in a life, and maybe even an eternity for someone.

Maybe you can not come personally or send someone  but you still want to help. Just send us your funds and we will feed those that are hungry. we'll send you pictures of the food and families you help to feed.


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